Tuesday, March 26, 2013

10 Years After: Britain Today


Prime Minister Tony Blair, addressed the nation: Britons woke to the footage of fireballs over Baghdad on March 20, 2003.  The first cruise missiles were launched from American ships in the Persian Gulf.
“The threat to Britain today is not that of my father’s generation.  War between the big powers is unlikely.  Europe is at peace.  The Cold War already a memory.  But this new world faces a new threat: of disorder and chaos born either of brutal states like Iraq, armed with weapons of mass destruction, or of extreme terrorist groups. Both hate our way of life, our freedom, our democracy.”
The comments wittingly said by Mr. Blair in his speech in Chicago in 1999 in which the prime minister, flush with success in Kosovo, had outlined his doctrine:
“We are all internationalists now, whether we like it or not. We cannot refuse to participate in global markets if we want to prosper. We cannot ignore new political ideas in other counties if we want to innovate. We cannot turn our backs on conflicts and the violation of human rights within other countries if we want still to be secure.”

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